The prefab concrete tank
Especially for the storage of water, sewage, rainwater, sludge, manure and slurry the prefab concrete storage tanks are very well usable. Storage capacity varies and concrete tanks have a varying wall height. All prefab concrete storage tanks can be carried out with a tensioned roof or some other type of cover, such for example, a biogas double membrane or a floating cover. For mixing ISS Tanks can place various mixing possibilities.

The production of the prefabricated concrete elements within the factory there have weather conditions no influence on the quality of the elements. Through the use of a special formula for the concrete structure, all the concrete elements have a constant quality with a high chemical resistance. If needed to store a very agressive liquid the concrete elements can be made with inside HDPE plate protection, who will be welded on side after installation.

Installation of the concrete tanks
ISS Tanks can provide the groundwork, then places the concrete floor itself and performs the further construction of the concrete tank. Subsequently, a cover or mixer is placed.

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