The curved tank is also a linertank. (see linertank) By his curves and flexible sizes it is a very suitable tank to store liquids in. And by his design it is suitable to have a higher height of the tank. It can be placed also on concrete floors but also in the ground.

DThe tankconstruction is made of either galvanised curved sheets, who can also be coated with a epoxy coating. The construction will be built with bolts and placed on tiles and will also have a protection felt inside the tank, and the liner will be placed against it.

The galvanised or the galvanised with epoxy coating have a long life time.


The curved tank is availible in volumes from 6 to circa 2.232m³ and in height  of 2.35, 3,10, 3.85, 4.60, 5.35 of 6.10 meter. De diameters from ø 1.82 tot ø 30.97 m.

The tankpanels are bolted together with special designed boltheads who gave the shape of the curve to ensure a strong connection. Therefor a lot of single boltrows can be used and gives a faster erection and will save money.

The curved tank can be covered with a floating cover, or by a single air blown cover. Up to Ø14 meters we also can supply a steel roof.


  • Heigh quality of steel S350 GD
  • New developed metal coating (CORRENDER ZM), 70 % less used Zink and higher corrosian resistance and no white rust.
  • Environment friendly  Chrome free coating (COLOFOR plus)
  • Standard colour RAL 7038 and dark green RAL 6009

New developed boltsets for higher strength.

  • WanWall with protection felt and high quality liner material suitable to store the liquid.d voorzien van vilt, lining bestaande uit mestbestendige folie
  • Feed and discharge station DN 150
  • Open top or covered by a floating cover or single pvc blown cover
  • According to the latest EN standards