Epoxy coated bolted tanks are used for the storage of liquids such as clean and dirty water, rain water, mud and polluted liquids. The storage capacity varies from 26m³ to 10.000m³ and over (prices on request). Each tank is adjusted to the needs of the customer.

The Epoxy coated bolted tanks can be covered with a steel roof, a tensioned roof or a floating cover. Mixing can be done with an submerged pump or extrusion head.

Epoxy coating is an electro statically applied fusion powder coat process. The end result is a molecularly bonded layer of epoxy coating that forms a non-conductive component surface.
Epoxy coating is a stronger system than glass lined coating and is 100% factory holiday free.
Additionally, it is superior to all other powder coating processes offered in bolted tank construction worldwide.

ISS tanks can provide the groundwork, then places the epoxy coated steel tank on a concrete floor. Following a mixer can be mounted or a steel roof, a tensioned roof or a floating cover can be placed. All assembly operations are performed with own construction teams.

The advantages of the epoxy coated tanks are as follows:

  • For many suitable liquids/solids.
  • Short Construction time.
  • Easy to transport.
  • Can also be applied inside a building.

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