Foil lagoon open or with floating cover
bluswater bassin

Several liquids like water, waste-water, sludge, manure and several other liquids can be stored in the foil lagoon.The foil lagoon can have a capacity from 250M³ up to 15.000M³ and even more, and can be installed with or without a floating cover. If the liquid needs to be mixed, we can supply several mixing systems.The foil lagoon is a storage systems with many capacity and less investment.

The foil lagoon can be installed on several way’s, like with or with out a dike, and on several depth. The depth of the lagoon depends on the ground water level. Depending on the liquid to store the foil will be chosen from high quality foils and most of them have the KIWA Regulation Certificate. The thickness of the foil depends from 600 gr/m² up to 1.100gr/m², and even special foils can be supplied. The floating cover foil will always be made from a thicker foil around 1.100 gr/m². and some of the foils are reinforced. The floating cover foils are a good UV-resistance and have a long lifetime, and are flexible at lower and higher temperatures. A lot of the foils are very good chemical resistance. Many used foils are: PVC / LDPE / HDPE

The foil lagoon is made from sand dikes (sand used when digging the pit) The depth is depending on the ground water level that needs to be measured by the customer. With the lagoon we stay above the groundwater level. After the foil is ready and transported to the site, a crane can lift the up rolled package on the dike. Foil will be unrolled and folded through the pit and along the dikes. The foil will be digged into the top of the dike. A mixer can be placed through the dike or on top of the dike. Outside the dike is a feed – and discharge station. A fence will keep out children and animals.

Mix possibilities

  • Mixing opening in the cover foil.
  • Fixed position from the mixer with stainless steel support


  • Price against traditional tanks very interesting
  • No concrete floor needed, but can be also installed in a existing concrete pit.
  • Short building time
  • Can be moved to another location

More information

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