The linertank from ISS Tanks is being used to store liquids like clean and poluted water, rainwater, sludge and other contaminated liquids.

The storage capacity is from 192m³ to max. 1.246m. All linertanks can be equiped with a floating cover with possibilities to mixe the liquid.

For mixing we can supply a rotating mixingspout.


The linertanks is made of a steel galvanised meshframe. Inside this meshframe we place protectionfelt and the liner. The liner is made of a high quality foil resistance against many chemicals.

The floating cover also is made of a highly quality foil. Because of the floating a small gap will stay between the liner inside the tank and the floating cover.

The advantage of the linertank are:

  • Beneficial price against traditional tanks.
  • Short buildingtime.
  • Can be placed on ground, even on less strong ground.
  • Easy to moove and rebuilt.
  • No concrete floor needed.


Groundwork can be done by the customer, it is easy with the ISS Tanks drawing and instruction manual. On the groundwork tiles will be placed, on the tiles the frames will be placed and connected with bolts. Protectionfelt will be placed and then the liner will be hanged up. If it is allowed we can install the feed/discharge pipe underneads through the ground, or over the wall.

When chosen for a floating cover, we will install that on the liner inside the tank. PVC pipes who are bend will be connected with glue, and the foil will be pulled over the pvc pipe, and ratched strongly so all foil will be tensioned. The cover is ready to be used.

The complete installation can be done with our own crew or we can send a supervisor to assist with the works.