Stainless steel tanks are ideal for storing liquids such as clean and dirty water, rain water and polluted liquids. The storage capacity ranges from 26m³ to 10.000m³ price and information on-demand. Each tank is special and is tuned to the needs of the customer. The Staninless steel tanks are available in diverent grades.

The Stainless steel tanks can be provided with a steel roof, a tensioned roof or a floating cover.

Depending on the medium, we have divert grades of Stainles steel. Stainless steel is very smooth (hygienic), it’s very hard and durable, it is highly resistant to chemical attack and against
ISS Tanks can provide a concrete floor for you, and then place the prefabricated tank on the floor. Thereafter, steel roof can be placed, a tensioned roof or a floating cover.
All tanks can be installed with ISS Tanks construction teams.  But it is also possible to construct itself with a Supervisor of ISS Tanks. Ask you about the possibilities.
The advantages of the Stainless steel tanks are:

Suitable for many fluids / solids
Short construction time
Easy to transport
Can also be used in a building.

For a quote request or for further information, we kindly request you to kindly contact our office.