Tank Liners are like bags who are placed inside a concrete or prefab steel tank. They are used to hold several liquids like water, waste-water, sludge, manure and several other liquids. When the liquids are very aggressive and would damage the tank wall, a liner can hold the liquid and avoid the damage. Also when the tank wall is already damaged, a liner can give the tank (after reparation) a longer lifetime. The capacity can be from very small to large and very low and high.

The liners are made from PVC foil or LDPE or HDPE foils or special foils if needed with a very high quality level. Many of them have the KIWA certificate. Some of them are reinforced. The liners can be installed even with tanks who have flange connections and manhole. Protection felt is placed if the tank has sharp edges.

When the tank is existing or new, with or without a roof, the liner is placed in the tank on the floor, and can be pulled up to the top of the tank, and fastened at the top of the tank under the roof. When the tank wall is not very smooth we will place protection felt (over the bolt heads).


  • Can be used for all kind of tanks to store liquids.
  • Several foils can protect the tank wall against aggressive liquids.
  • Short building time.
  • Leaking tanks can be repaired and a liner will hold the liquid.
  • Possible to built a tank without mastic in bad weather conditions and put than a liner in the tank.

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