Thermoplast tank system

thermoplast tank

The thermoplast tank can be used for several liquids like water, waste-water, sludge, manure and several other liquids. The capacity can be from 150M² up to max. 2.500M³. The Thermoplast tank is a prefab tank made from galvanised sheets with a liner and if requested the PVC tensioned roof. If the liquid needs to be mixed, we can place several mixing systems.

The thermoplast tank is made from galvanised prefab steel plates. An foil liner will be placed inside the wall to store the liquid. This foil liner meets the needed requirements to store the liquids and they have the highest quality level. A PVC Tensioned roof is suitable to cover the thermoplast tank. It is made from PVC foil from at least 900 gr/m² and the materials who are in contact are made from stainless steel. The centre column is made from wood or stainless steel

The thermoplast tank can be placed directly on a existing concrete floor or is placed in the ground for around 50cm and is standing on tiles (then concrete floor not needed). The prefab plates are connected with bolts. The liner will be placed over the edge of the tank wall. If requested the roof will be placed at last.

Mix possibilities

  • Mixing opening in the PVC tensioned cover.
  • Fixed position from the mixer driven by crank shaft


  • Price against traditional tanks very interesting
  • No concrete floor needed, but can be also installed on a existing concrete floor.
  • Can also be installed on bad loading capacity ground
  • Short building time
  • Easy to move to another location

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